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15 March 2007 – The Cut

at 12pm today, I had my hair shaved off – a friend said yesterday to do it.  When he first said/typed it, it bought a tear to my eyes.  after 12 hours of the hassle of it all, and then thinking about it, there was only one choice to make. So I did.  I have to say, it was the hardest thing to face and would top quite a few ugly things that have happened to me bar one.  While it was being shaved off I remembered this song and scene from GI Jane…

I look so ugly.  Ghastly in fact. Seriously.  Until it all disappears and I just have skin left it is gona look just horrible.  I actually can’t wait till it is just skin.  I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. It is god awful.

I have a consult with a beautician tomorrow referred to my from Oncology to fit me with a wig.  These look completely real.  If they charge me $400 which is quoted in their brochure they can forget it.  However, I have an inkling they maybe free due to them supporting folk with cancer. see what happens tomorrow.

will have to search the web for those bandanas they wear in tour de france……. hopefully google or the Discovery website have them…..

Windtraining is on the 4th April – o.k. that could be smack on the day of chemo in April – will check all this on Monday (19th March) when I am in hospital again.  As well as a letter from my Oncologist and get her to be descriptive on what I can do and not do.  I will tell her all about the awesome windtraining class 🙂  She knows all about me missing out on Ironman, in fact every nurse in Ward 25 knew on the 3 March with me stuck in there!

Well got my Xterra wetsuit today that I won as a spot prize at the Half Ironman I didn’t finish in Taupo – mmm it really is nice, the material is so nice and soft – I can’t wait to jump in the water with it.

I am heading over to Whangamata on Saturday to watch the TRINZ tri as a mate of mine is doing it, so will be very tempted to jump in the water then……  but will be to shy I reckon.

On Saturday I am doing the Relay for Life at 4.oopm – us Cancer kids do one lap or something – not sure on the details… but my cousin is gona walk with me 🙂

My  ghastly shot:


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