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2 March 2007 – First Cycle side effect

Well, I ended up back in hospital again – here is what happened :

Basically, I finished my first cycle of chemo last thursday – cruised out of there at 4.30pm and then came home and had a big dinner – big dinners is about half what you would feed a child ! just outrageous.  Anyway, Friday morning woke up feeling crook, and thought, hell, it has started already.  By lunch time I was very weird feeling with contending with pins and needles. A courier driver woke me up  and a I  bolted to answer the door. (ordered some Rudy Project Lenses – mmm nice ) and then the rest is history.  I fainted, woke up shaking like crazy. knew this was not normal, rang oncology, they told me to get my but in there.

With blood pressure 90 ova 60 I was rattling and had the most severe pins and needles in my life and really cold. They finally stabilised me 2 hours later.  Felt so, so, scared , scared the hell out of them, and myself, thinking I was going to die as I was so cold to the core and I was very lonely.  God I felt crap.

In a nutshell, I was dehydrated, and my kidneys hurt like hell (felt as if someone had got a machete and sliced each side of my ribs, and the fault all lies with my arthritic medication , I now take no arthritic medication and hope this monster is suppressed with all my chemo.

The worst part was I missed Volunteering at Ironman 2007 – The event I had trained all of 2006 for this event  and did not get to the Start Line. The event I had Volunteered for and missed due to arthritis medication reacting with chemo.

Ironman 2007



I came out of hospital today – god it sucks in there, but they are angels.

I have just set up my modem and phone line .  Have to really pace myself, and find this seriously frustrating, as there is so much I wana do.


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