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26 February 2007 – First Cycle of Chemo – Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma

I am in hospital and have almost finished all my chemo (first cycle) and wow, it has been an action packed week. 10am Monday (26th Feb 07) with oncologist, 1.00pm check into ward 25, 3.30 started me on fluids (to protect my kidneys) and then 5.15pm into thee big bad chemo. God, they gave me this stuff called nosinan (methotrimeprazine) for anti nausea and make you sleepy. Well hells bells, I felt like shit! Every time they put fluid in by injection I ask them what it is now and just keep saying as long as it isn’t that stuff from Monday night it is o.k  God, it was awful.  Apart from Monday nights episode, things have been good, yesterday was great, this morning was crap as I was sick – not terribly but all the same, the journey has started albeit a small step. By about 11.30am I was coming right and visitors had started arriving.

So, Tuesday was action packed with my friend Wilkie coming in to see me (doing Ironman on Saturday) to wish me well and me to wish him well doing Ironman on Saturday (which I should have been doing). Then Gareth, Kerry and Kat came in  and we had a huge little party. Then I shifted rooms !  Went to a 5 star room – honestly feels like it  🙂 – It has Internet, mini fridge, tv & remote, ensuite and a Lazyboy and remote-controlled blinds and double glazing !  It just rocks ya socks off  !  Then my flatmate popped round and then my friend Grant, as Grant is doing Ironman and wanting to be selected for Kona, World Triathlon Champs in Hawaii – hopefully he gets there.

During the day I get my Oncologist visit and her med students are using me as a wee ‘guinea pig’ it is very cute. He finished all his questions today with a physical …… well it was fun, haven’t had a blokes hands on me for yonks !  How sad is my life !! Apparently I will be asked a thousand questions on R.Arthritiis tomorow I think – vaguely remember him saying something about that as he was walking out.  I have another new med student for tomorrow.  I never have a dull moment here between doctors, med students, nurses, changing chemo packs, nurses, lunch, dinner breakfasts, and.visitors – rest? well not much, but have plenty of days ahead for this.

My closest friends are telling me not to go to Ironman on Saturday to watch – too risky for infection.  I have to be very careful with whom I am around – no colds or snivels with folk. My immune system is very low and if I am neutropenic I am very vulnerable, so unfortunately with all my heart and desire to watch this and be there in Taupo and help in the tent as a Ironman volunteer which I signed up for, it is not going to happen – I have to stay safe. boo hoo. mmmmm it will be rough.

So today was another action packed day with Doctors, med students, and visitors.

Now it is almost time to watch E.R. so I will sign off – I think I am leaving on Friday morning or could be tomorrow afternoon – they will kick me out soon enough to be sure 🙂  Have to say the nurses here just rock – they are so, so caring – just truly humbling really.


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