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Cleaning Frenzy

Yesterday, I blew $170 odd dollars on food.  The other thing I am finding I need “pick food”  small stuff, but lots – something like crackers or biscuits – I can not just take a little but keep going back for more, and more! Including small cheeses, olives etc..

This chemo trip is one weird trip  – your head pulses as well……….. and temperature change – one minute I have a cap on, the next I have a woolly hat on……… it is freaky.

I am also having this cleaning “attack / frenzy”  I have cleaned every article of clothing that has remotely hit the floor (have a pile of washing on a chair to fold tomorrow) , cleaned the kitchen floor tonight, spent 2+ hours today with a hose.

blasting away all the green moss in between the cobbles outside my steps and just being “anal” about it (still need to finish this too by the way, it is still nagging at me that I could not complete it, but I was so tired and hadn’t eaten, I was doing more damage to myself than good as well as being in the sun which is a big “no, no” having chemo).

I then spent the following week water blasting the fence along the driveway to my house. Staring at this ugly blackish fence was annoying the heck out of me and decided to clean this as well ! I can now wave to Tracey in her house in the mornings (the one with the car parked in the driveway) when she is in the kitchen making breakfast letting her know I am o.k. and look at a nice clean fence while I am having my cup of tea.

Before I cleaned it below

A week later all cleaned !

My cleaning mode continued. Next I cleaned my concrete deck and you will have to trust me it was just as grubby as that wooden fence above and here it is all nice and clean :



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