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Life after 2nd Cycle

It is now 7.15  Saturday  morning and I am fighting nausea – yesterday I took a top up of more anti nausea pills – I wonder if I should again – mmm might not be wise as I am on quite a high dosage through this pump and I get it out tomorrow and will have to be reducing this down by oral tablets, so may as well start the agony today.  Have just had a cup of tea to pick me up a bit, and staring out my windows, gave my neighbor Tracey a wave and looked at all the jobs in my garden to take my mind of things.

I might go and buy some liver today to make a stir fry – as this must help my white cells with extra help.

Yip, becoming seriously bald now – folks say I have a nice shaped skull which is kind, but to me I feel plain ugly.  I have that wig, but it still isn’t very comfortable.yet.  Also, all my clothes are getting hair in them and washing them just doesn’t get you an itch free” shirt anymore – god, it is shit.  I think, I am gona end up throwing away all my clothes at the end of this as I am not comfortable anymore wearing my clothes, or I might have to go to the opp shop and buy 7 $1 tops/shirts a week and then throw them away.  I am just in a frustrated horrible state at the moment.


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