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18th April 2007

I had to go for a warrant today and I need two new poxy tyres. Darn – it is gona kill me on the money this month, as I spent $500 yesterday on a new chimney for my fireplace…….. god damn, did I tell you? I probably did. it just sucks when you can’t see any difference from the old chimney to the new chimney. .

Next Monday I am having a CT scan – ooow, they will be putting a lure in or giving me an injection with this god awful fluid so it helps show everything on the x-ray. Then Thursday I have an MRI – will take my new earmuffs to this event, god damn that thing makes a racket.

Am getting a cold I think……….. my nose has been dripping all day – mmmmmm god hope this doesn’t do anything scary too me !


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