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11th July 2007 – Mum in I.C.U

I went for a blood test today (the usual weekly tests) and started to have the most chronic crippling pain in my back, thinking it was my kidneys. My friend at the lab got me a wheel chair as I was folded up in pain. The Emergency Clinic was just next door luckily and was fast tracked to see a Doctor. Thirty minutes later, I paid $69 Doctor, $190 ultrasound, 1 hour of incredible pain – no result – kidneys o.k.  but I think my kidneys now being damaged due to the cisplatin. No price is too much for peace of mind though eh. Thank goodness for Health Insurance.

At least I have done everything one can do despite my crippling pain. Just another grand trip to suffer on this wonderful adventure I am on and about to finish thank god.

Last week Mum was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with Septicaemia  – this would have to be the worst day I have encountered, and when the Doctor asked me if Mum wanted a DNR I wanted to hit him with my cast arm. I.C.U. has to be one of the most ghastly places to experience watching a loved one on life support to keep them alive.

Mum is chatting away now, in H.D.U- groggy on it of course, thought it was 2006 – but hey this is o.k. Imagine it will take a while for her to heal anyway. The fact that she is breathing on her own and on no machines is fantastic and drinking soup.

I ring the hospital late at night to make sure Mum is ok and that her Ob’s are all good then I am able to sleep the night away


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