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22nd May 2007

Well, here I am kickin back listening to Nora Jones, it is late in the day, such a long day, a good day, with friends dropping by, my Brother, my friend Anna. Mum left today, after 4 days with her at my side, helping me through this, staying just a few miles down the road at a hotel, leaving with my Brother back home to Te Awamutu.

I’m just sitting here thinking I have almost reached a milestone on my journey, through this rocky road I am taking one step at a time. It was only a few days ago, I had all tubes imaginable coming out from my body; a draining tube from my 12″ cut down my leg where the removed my fibula – it just looks amazing. A draining tube from my arm which has been cut 90% of my forearm where he extracted the tumour, carpal bones surrounding the infected radial bone and approximately 7″ of this radial replaced with the fibula. Along with these tubes were I.V’s, one in my right wrist with another in my external jugular on the left side of my neck. {once again, my veins were difficult. The anaesthetist was not successful on his first insertion, for an anaesthetist to fail on his first attempt, is unheard of} Wish that oncologist of mine was there to witness this……… I know,,,,,,,,, anyway, hence the jugular getting a IV line, being a guaranteed hit. Oh, and this was done when I was in snooze-land during the operation! as well as an i.v. line with local anesthetic going 24/7 into my nerves which reached right down to my finger tips so i had completely no pain at all in the left arm and this was inserted under my left armpit (thank god i was asleep when this was popped in!). So, the other day,,,,, all these tubes were detached and i am now hobbling around the wards of the Manakau Supper Clinic.


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