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13th June 2007

I am just really ill at the moment having just got out of hospital on Saturday from 3 days of chemo. I also went to docs yesterday due to a sore throat and very worried this will take over, so am now on antibiotics to prevent this cold progressing into a severe cold and exhausting my pathetic immune system. Day 10 is looming and more god awful ulcers to look forward to and no food. god, food, forget it. It all tastes god awful and i have no satisfaction eating any food. I am going to my beach this weekend to get some amount of peace and revival to at least 25% – anything will be better than how I feel right now.

For me right now is drinking water, water, water (prevention of dehydration and creatinine build up in kidneys) and rest and a warm house.

the next cycle of chemo is on the 27th June, the last is on the 18th July………….. thank god !!! I look forward to glass of wine to celebrate this


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