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26th June 2007

The last round of chemo was god awful and have suffered a week of ulcers and then digging myself out of that hole and my blood count – haemoglobin is 87 which is close to a transfusion point, has made me very weak, and just doing a simple task, exhausts me, it is as if I have just climbed a mountain and are completely out of breath and I have to lie down for half an hour to get some strength back.

I go in to hospital again tomorrow – this is so, so, fffffffg horrible, I am only just starting to feel o.k and I get whacked in the back – it is like getting a kick in the guts while your down.

Progress ReportI have another plaster – went to see my “boss” (Dr Gary French) at the Manukau Super Clinic Hospital and he took another set of x-rays and the bones are starting to knit – Gary is extremely happy with progress and I chose Black for my new cast (All Blacks & Team NZ).

Gary also told me the last pending test from my tumor and bones came through and this result was negative as well – the best news ever. I have all the best results someone in my predicament could wish for !! Have a beer for me at your next opportunity 🙂

Well I have to get in town for a blood test and then come home to rest. wish I could just wiggle my nose and feel good………… oh well, only 1 more blasting of chemo after tomorrow………..

I tell you this much,,,,,,, I am going to an all day Spa to cleanse myself of this putrid chemo residue 4 weeks after this last round……… I feel so grimy and thilfy from this chemo. I am gonna have an all over mud-pack, an all over micro- spherical herbal scrub, a facial, a massage in the most luxurious smelling oils then tea and cucumber sandwiches. this is gonna be “The Ritz Hotel” weekend for me and my Sisters :). Oh and it costs heaps for the day……… 🙂 I tell ya, my MasterCard is gonna get stung !!


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