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9th June – 4th Cycle of chemo

It is Saturday, 6.57am, can not sleep, stomach………. god knows where it’s at, it is tender and still making its mind up what it is gona do to me today. made a coffee earlier thinking this might kick-start it in the right direction. I still feel shaky and crappy. I know as soon as I get home I will feel better, the ward is quiet and soon the nurses will start their rounds as the new shift starts at 7am and my Ob’s will be taken.

Still a grey dawn outside and waiting for the sun to rise and make the world a brighter place

***** news flash **

Big hot date tonight, Bruce (whom I have been chatting to online) is flying from Aussie. is landing at 6.40pm, he has booked us a room at “The Mecure hotel” on the water front in Auckland. A miracle will have to happen to get energy for tonight or just be strong as I feel ghastly and just weak and limp……..I will be wearing a hot little black lace and blue silk lingerie set and thigh high black stockings. will be wearing mid-thigh corporate mini skirt (corporate is classy l.o.l) and matching waist coat – this is grey with half of garment in grey woven material with the other half with the grey background with black stripes running vertically down waist coat followed by 20 odd cute black buttons keeping it together and of course this waist coat is the set to this skirt. yeah this whole ensemble is grey/black then of course a white shirt, that wig I have so I don’t scare him when we first meet – black strappy shoes. unfortunately i don’t have high heels…….. sad but true. my eyes are so puffy,,,,,,,,, these damn steroids in my chemo………. he knows my predicament,,,,,, but it still upsets me that I look so awful……… at least they aren’t red/black like last time.

mmm breakfast is rolling up the hall……. damned if I feel like any tho, I just feel so ill….


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