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September / October 2007

Well what ghastly news I had on all days of the year, which is a sad day no one will forget, 11th September.

well…….. I want to apologise for not being in touch lately as you know I got some freaky news a month ago…….. (nodules on the lungs). I am staying focused and positive as my guru orthopedic surgeon in Auckland said it doesn’t make sense.

The crux of it all is, no one knows.

Until they do a fine needle aspirate biopsy of these nodules no one will know. I am going to request this (and try to be polite instead of demanding….) when I see my oncologist on the 13th Nov. I have my c.t. scan on the 8th to reveal all or nothing. I am getting this done on the luckiest day of the month in the Chinese world, 8 is a very lucky number. Therefore being the positive person i am, this is a good omen :))

I am also investing hundreds of dollars in a glyconutrient product for nutrition of a very high calibre – the 8 Miracle sugars and is all based from GlycoBiology – which helps your 600 trillion cells (roughly) in your body be healthy, get fixed and attack all evil.

I am also only eating (easier than saying what I can’t eat l.o.l) broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, kumara, spinach, silverbeet, cabbage, lettuce, beetroot, dates, figs, raisins, currents, almonds, avocado dried coconut, so I swap from a salad to steamed veg. These are all organic as well. I am having an alkaline diet so I look on this chart to make sure all foods I eat are alkaline. I have also put in a Reverse Osmosis water purification plant under my sink ($1000 odd) so I only drink the purest cleanest water and put no chemicals on my body like makeup, or moisturisers or soaps – everything is organic as in food, toothpaste and soap liquid.

Another thing I am doing is knitting a pair of socks. I have always loved knitting jumpers and read in a book to do something creative to take your mind of things and I found knitting a good escape funnily enough. Knitting socks was a challenge and something I had never knitted before and poor Mum got countless questions helping me through the knitting pattern. I had to use 3 small needles – the thinnest needles I have seen and made out of bamboo – this of course made a small stitch which proceeded to take a long time before my knitting resembled a ‘sock’ . Focusing on one stitch at a time I soon lost myself in this process and I was able to forget about my current situation. Now, this sock I was knitting was almost a standard joke as it was taking ages and ages to see a result so when I finished it a photo was definitely required which you see below 🙂

arriving soon

Oh god, I am hanging out for the largest steak, rib roast, bread/toast, and wine !!! oh, to be normal. How the blazes these true vegans have fun is beyond me !

I also am starting a new training programme (tried last week but got a poxy cold) so I will hit the ground running on Tuesday. My programme goes like this: (oh, have bought a swiss ball and have 1kg and 2kg dumbbells from a mate)

each day I do something different. It goes like this:

Day One:

6 pages of swiss ball exercises (core muscle strength exercises) – 20/30 exercises doing reps of 10

Day Two:

Endurance – 30m to 1 hour of wind training

Day Three

Weights – 1kg and 2kg dumbbell exercises

Day 4

Interval Training on wind trainer – 5m warm up, then, for 30 sec up to 2m, then, rest for 30 sec or 2 minutes – this repeated continually for 20m then 5m warm down

Then repeat the above. Sunday is a rest day :))

Well your pretty much up to date now :)) I am about to pack my car to head up to our wee bach for the weekend with my Brother (he will be there Friday) also, I have to see Mum in hospital (she almost died July 13 being in i.c.u and h.d.u, they amputated her leg and now is driving around in a groovy electronic wheelchair and gets discharged to go home tomorrow – it is so, so cool), then pick up some more expensive nutritional product and then beach, sun and surf here I come !!


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