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Part of my action plan to defeat cancer included taking high-quality mineral and multivitamin supplements as well as a glyconutrient supplement. I was fully aware of the controversy surrounding the use of glyconutrient supplements in dealing with disease. My friend Dr Tom Pafi, had advised me the area of nutritional supplementation was highly controversial and without a lot of properly conducted scientific studies. He did not provide any supplements, nor did he receive any financial compensation for doing so. I did not assume supplements were a cure for cancer and I independently made the decision to use them and do not advocate their use by others when formulating their own plan of action. I do not make any medical or curative claims for diet, mineral, multivitamin or glyconutrient supplements.

My action plan was put together with feedback from friends, friends of friends along with my own research and consultation with family. I chose to complement traditional medical treatments with life style changes and nutritional supplements. This decision may have been seen as controversial by some but made sense to me.

As stated in my book, I don’t know why my outcome has been so good and I cannot claim any single thing that “cured” me. The important thing is I am alive and cancer free. I had excellent medical care, access to brilliant medical professionals and caring team from doctors to hospital aides. I knew my upbringing and natural optimism would contribute to regaining my health and was never underestimated. I do not recommend readers lock step follow my action plan.

I do recommend that anyone making health care decisions seek advice from people they trust and thoroughly research all recommendations. It is your body, your health and your decision.


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