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Present Day 1st April 2012

I have to say, blogging now in the present is nice 🙂  I kind of had to put the past in before I could start the present 🙂

Here are the opps and stats to present :

  • Damaged Kidneys due to Cisplatin 2007
  • Calcneal Osteotomy 2008 & L foot bunion removal
  • R.Foot bunion removal  2008
  • L.Knee totally replaced January 2011
  • R.Knee totally replaced April 2011
  • Only take Panadol & Pandol Extra for pain

Just lately I have been suffering the most excruciating pain from arthritis in my left ankle – being the weakest part of my body at the moment as a few years ago (2008) I had a opperation to stop the severe pronation of my ankle which is shown on this image I found on Google which was exactly how my ankle was.

What my left ankle looked like

What my left ankle looked like

What my foot looked like after the opp 08

What my foot looked like after the opp 08

The operation I needed was called a Calcaneal-Osteotomy hindfoot that under x-ray looked likethis image to the right. When Ihad my bunion removed in myright foot in 2009 I had thesescrews removed.       So now arthritis is having a right little party in my ankle with synovial fluid spreading all around both sides of my ankle and spreading down the upper foot to my little toe of my left foot which actually stings.  I am now starting a homeopathy remedy to see if this can help but it is a ‘work in progress’ situation 🙂 I have had some absolutely beautiful reviews of my book on amazon.com 🙂 click my book and see what you think 🙂


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