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Just Cruisin

Well, I am happy to say I have not had a day repeated of that ghastly nauseous – the next day I was a bit seedy but as the days have gone by I have got almost back to normal.  I am just too lazy to keep popping Panadol for my pain and just tell my body to get over it work it out and move on lol and just kickin back watching the sparrows eat my parrot’s discarded seed with a coffee each morning 🙂

Sparrows on my Veranda

Sparrows on my Veranda

And if you look closely at that tree behind them you will see an old umbrella that flew into this tree from somewhere in the neighborhood lol on a windy day last year – funny 🙂 and below are a couple of pictures of my parrot Aristotle  who has quite a mighty loud tweet who wakes me up every day at some ungodly hour! Some days he is threatened with Parrot Pie lol 🙂


Hi !








Gosh this sunshine we have had over the past 6 or so weeks has been just incredible and must be close to breaking a few records for Autumn soon and a few farmers will be screaming out for rain I think.  A few people on tank water for their houses are calling the Water Tanker companys to fill their tanks up I am sure.  But I am so not complaining, it is bliss waking up to glorious sunny days and lying in the sunshine – especially on my rest day from the gym 🙂  Accepting a rest day now is great.  I just catch up on all those movies I haven’t seen  chat to all my friends in cyberspace 🙂  They all just bring a smile to my face and inspire me so much with all their challenges they’re up to and wish I could just wiggle my nose like Samantha on Betwitched  and be their support crew on those gruelling events they do.  If petrol wasn’t so sodding expensive I would travelling around Kiwiland (my nick name for New Zealand lol) and cheer everyone to the finish line – it would be a blast.  Dreams are always free I say.

I am going to the gym tomorrow – a Sunday – a day I haven’t exercised specifically since my days training for Ironman all those long days in 2006.  I know my Personal Trainer will be impressed and I think I will make a day of it starting off with some lazy slow hamstring stretches and any others that bounce around in my memory cells then those wonderful machines for some rehab so I don’t seize up and walk like a robot! 🙂 it is bad enough having a limp and irritating other joints taking more weight.  I think a lazy 2 hours could be achieved tomorrow – see what happens!


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