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Stepping Backwards

The other day at the gym just going through my rehab exercises, while I was on a cross-trainer someone else went onto the cross-trainer next to me and she was off at a fast clip.  Her speed really did make my jaw drop and I was thinking… oh to be able to be that fast and that strong. Getting back to my slow plod my time was soon up I dismounted from this machine next to her machine to my right.  Reason for this was my right leg is the strongest and can take my weight as I step down with my weak ankle/leg to the floor much easier.  What a dumb idea.

A pic from google similar of a row of cross-trainers

I was working out from (will relace this later today)

Realising my predicament too late in realising only about 6″ separated these machines of their frames at the base halfway through exiting this space.  And no, I didn’t think to get back on this cross-trainer and exit the left side where there was floor space for Africa lol.  Being one to not back down from a challenge (despite its idiocy at times or lack of forethought) I continued to carefully step back, one foot behind the other.  At the same time realising the Lower Rocker Arm connected to the foot plate would hit my shins if I wasn’t very careful!  Her lower rocker arm was going so fast, it would of been like a sledge hammer hitting my shins and splintered bone going everywhere!  Precariously stepping back, the edge of my heel of my trainer caught the carpet tripping me into a backwards fall towards and thin carpeted concrete floor and machines behind me (being tall I’d collect my head or more on the Abb Crunch machine or the one next to it).  incredibly I grabbed the back of my crosstrainer preventing my fall and that ‘heart falling to your guts’ feeling hit me and whispering a four letter word instead of “oh, my god!!!”

My Personal Trainer was with another client at the time a few meters away and saw all this happen and saw all this take place, giving him one hell of a fright envisaging the worst and ready to sprint to catch me.

Recovering a few minutes later of what could have been, my Personal Trainer came over to make I was ok and the next day he was going to show me the correct way of dismounting the cross-trainer.  As cross-training was not part of the programme he gave I never was shown the right way of getting off these precarious machines.  I, out of curiosity got on these machines to see how my ankle would cope.  As for some weird reason a few weeks ago,  my ankle spat the dummy after 10m cycling and I could hardly walk! Go figure.  My ankle didn’t seem to mind this new form of cardio and I just added it to my workout.  Anyhow I have digressed…. realising of all the stupidest ways to exit the cross-trainers, I think I got the gold medal for ‘idiot of the day’ award.

It does not stop at the gym.  I won’t bore you with details of the less hazardous occasion, but suffice to say I think I shall now turn around if my back is to the way I wish to walk lol


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  1. Hi Barbara, Your humour defies me! Just when I think the precarious nature of your situation is going to end in catastrophe you produce a laugh. You must be a fan of slapstick? It’s this tragicomedy that will ensure you return to being as fast as your compadre who sped off on the machine next to you!

    Have you read ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’? (you don’t have to be into tennis to appreciate it.)

    Thank you for ‘Unshakeable’…

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