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Yesterday and Today

Imagine waking up in the morning and you pondered what limb to move first knowing the severity of pain caused by this movement …

Winter is fast approaching and yesterday was chilly, by 9.30am I decided that I had better make some effort to get out of bed and face the pain.  This image of the Lightening Globe in my imagination, replicates each cell screaming out and inflicting pain.  By looking at that image I feel it is as if at the end of those blue lines is where the pain is unleashed to my fingertips.  Yesterday I felt like crap and doing the simple task of getting dressed I felt nauseaus afterwards and the day just didn’t improve at all.  Gosh sometimes the effort of pulling up the duvae to cover my shoulders is almost impossible – some days I just lean up with my head and pull it with my teeth lol  How dare it be so sunny and beautiful when I felt so awful.

Now today, I felt 50% better and when I feel better and it is such a beautiful day I just feel like telling the whole world 🙂   Driving to Auckland this morning with the sun was shining (it was sunny yesterday but there ya go) and glistening on the Waikato River , I made a quick stop on the Bombay Hills for a coffee.  From the drive down the Bombay Hills into Auckland, I could see all the way North to the Sky City Tower and to the West some of the Manakau Harbour – Just magic!  Here is a view of looking South back from where I had driven from Hamilton



Today I was getting my yearly check up of my lungs, arm and knees and Gary once again gave me the all clear with a big smile on his face 🙂  and he also congratulated me on my 5 year anniversary – Yeeha, there is nothing like getting good news from your Doctor !

I stopped on the way home to see Grange and Tanya at AvantiPlus in Manuka, as I hadn’t seen them for a year or so since they left Hamilton for Auckland. It was so cool catching up with them!  They helped me so much with my bike during my year training for Ironman in 2006 – they are just the best!

AvantiPlus Manakau

AvantiPlus Manakau


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