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A review by the lovely Lucille

The Lovely Lucille

The Lovely Lucille

I received the most lovely review of my book from Lucille yesterday.  I was feeling so, so awful with my arthritis being very nasty at the moment and opening my email to see this review just made me so happy.  This in turn inspired me to pop down to the gym continuing my challenging life to keep my body moving.    You rock Lucille!  Enjoy!

Endurance applied outside of sports – good read for both athletes and non athletes, July 29, 2012 By

Lucille T. Ceuvorst (Chicago, Illinois United States)

This review is from: An Unshakable Belief (Kindle Edition)

This is a story of a personal endurance journey to overcome disease. Not only was it brave to battle cancer the way she did, I think Barbara is very brave for sharing the intimate emotional journey that she went through.
I am also glad I read the book because it shows an example of how the mental training that accompanies physical training can be applied to other goals in life.
Thanks Barbara for sharing your journey with us.


One Response

  1. It’s really beautiful..
    Every word is expressive

    Very encouraging

    I came to this page thru TribeSports


    Ajay P

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