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I don’t normally….

I don’t normally have Fish & Chips as a rule, being the health conscious lass that I am 95% of the time.

Eric's Fish & Chip Shop in Cambridge

Eric’s Fish & Chip Shop in Cambridge

However after getting some worrying news from my Rheumatoid Specialist in Rotorua which I visited on the 16th July, I seriously needed some comfort food!!  What had me tied up in knots was being told I would need a nerve block injection where the nerves pop up through the bone which your trapezius muscle rests on.  Injections and I are not friends to say the least.

What also had me irritated was forgetting to put my disability card on my dashboard.  I  parked in a disability park outside the Lakes Medical Centre in Rotorua of course wearing my moonboot with my wonky ankle.

my moonboot

my moonboot

Duh!! A $150 fine was placed under my windscreen wipers.  What a week!! I had things on my mind … worrying about a Fine Needle Aspirate I had of a Lymph Node in my neck.  The results were taking ages to arrive.

Comfort food  was all I could think about on the way home from Rotorua.  Cambridge had Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway (too “healthy though lol) and this Fish & Chip Shop.  The Fish & Chip shop was on the left which made the decision for me 🙂

What a delightful little Fish & Chip shop.  Eric took my order and while I waited he chatted to the other patrons while I was watching the news on this awesome 42″ Panasonic TV (I think it was 42” lol).  There was no heavy oil smell like there is in a lot of Fish & Chip shops and it was spotlessly clean.  As Eric gave a patron’s order to them and they headed out the door, he glanced over at me and then said in a teasing manner  “you do realise you don’t have matching shoes…”  oooh I just cracked up laughing, his wonderful humor snapped me right out of thoughts nagging me and just made an irritating day so much lighter.  The perfect comment to snap me out of my worries.  Before I knew it he was presenting me with my Fish & Chips wishing me a good evening.



What a delight receiving my dinner presented with a slice of lemon held to my parcel with a tooth pick holding the paper together. Soo Nice!  What was more, they were so crunchy and yummy and light – no heavy oily taste left in the mouth afterwards and was the perfect meal to end a crazy day.  All I need now are clear results from my Lymph Nodes!


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