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Just Roll with the Punches…

Winter has really knocked me around I have to say. Waking up has not been in a relaxed state which people normally are after a nights sleep.  I on the other hand wake up feel like I have gone 10 rounds with a pro boxer that has left me belted to a pulp with burning aching biceps, traps that have rolled into the size of golf balls and combined with all that pain arms that a mere move is made deep breaths are needed to ready myself for the next move.  This has been every day life this winter which I have hated with every part of my soul.  I have decided there is no way I am going to suffer this next winter.  For  5 – 10 days I am going to Australia to visit a friend in Brisbane during June and August. In July I am going to a Pacific Island for 10 days of solid sunshine in temperatures nothing below 20 deg celsius.

If this was not enough hassle to go through each day I have some how got Viral Vestibulitis of the middle ear. This is a spinning sensation of the head brought on by a certain position of the head, usually sudden changes of position. There are tiny pieces of floating debris in the balance centre of the inner ear (the labyrinth). These little bits of sediment somehow upset the balance centre when disturbed.  I happened to disturb these little bits of sediment yesterday morning when I got dressed and fell over landing heavily on my right hip and managing to wrench my right ankle.  You can imagine my joy! Eventually finding something to lever myself upright I slowly got my day sorted. A very long wait at A&E and then a visit to a physiotherapist (booked two weeks ago for a sore shoulder), who now had a fresh injury to help me with instead of an old one.  I suppose this pre-booked physio appointment was a blessing in disguise – I certainly did not want a sprained right ankle as I now walk like a hobbled animal as my left ankle is continually sore.  This I found out by my very good physio is due to having no fibula in place (that is now in my arm replacing the old cancerous radial which was extracted in 2007) for the muscles to be supported with and hence continual pain in my left ankle.

Being at rock bottom I have decided I just have to roll with the punches and be happy – extremely happy as I went to my oncologist on Thursday 16th August, to be told I am “All Clear” well and truly – no more x-rays, no more visits for check ups with my oncologist, no more trips to Greenlane Hospital.  It must be “beer-o’clock” somewhere in the world right now so go ahead and have a beer 🙂 I sure will.  So I have no reason to be glum and feel ‘woe is me’ at all.  The days are getting longer and there is a few more days in a row of sunshine now and Spring is almost here. The Cherry trees are flowering and are just beautiful!   Not only all of that, it is my Birthday tomorrow, another good reason to be happy, seeing a birthday one oncologist didn’t believe I would see.  Also the All Blacks play Australia tonight – what more could make a little Kiwi happy by watching their favourite team beat the Ausies – again!


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