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Hydrotherapy Pool

Still more rain, rain, rain rrrrgh

Forecast at 6am today – still more rain, rain, rain rrrrgh

Today I am embarking on a new regime of exercise for my fragile body and am very excited about it.  Pool work.  They rehab at the gym is on hold and I will now be spending time in the water alternating with appointments at the physio.  Winter has not been kind to me in more ways than one.  The incessant rain week after week has been just awful and in turn the arthritis has had time to celebrate over the past two months despite me trying to keep it in some control.

On this day the 19th of August, it is my birthday and just celebrating each Birthday I get now as my oncologist in 2007 did not believe I would see another.  Proving her wrong makes me smile every year since!

Prediction in 42 hours time - At last some sunny weather arriving!!

Prediction in 42 hours time – At last some sunny weather arriving!!

With any luck the anticyclone approaching NZ will enlarge, squash away the front below it approaching the South Island and spread its wide isobars over NZ for at least a week – I can only hope and dream along with a few 1000 or more Kiwis I’m sure. I know there is an Indian dance to bring on the rain, I wonder if they have one for the sunshine for a week or more? At least at the moment there is sun somehow sneaking through the clouds into my lounge – May it continue!


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  1. Thanks for discussing about Hydrotherapy Pool. I appreciate your work and this blog post. Great work, keep this carry on. I would like to visit again and like to read some more interesting information.

    • Hi
      So, so, sorry for a late reply as I mainly work from my new website http://www.barbaramockford.co.nz where there are lots more photos and loads of other interesting stuff. Thanks for your wonderful feedback and sorry my blogs have been few and far between.

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