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Pool Work

Day one at the pool was a wonderful experience!  Nice warm water, no pain and the freedom of movement was liberating.  As I walked into the pool a lady asked if I was an Ironman as she noticed my Ironman jandals and I was wearing an ORCA swimsuit from my training days. I have yet to get a fashionable swimsuit for my wardrobe, one day soon perhaps.  I then explained my non Ironman status to this inquisitive young lass and we soon forged a wonderful friendship.  Her name is Rebecca and she is training for her first Ironman.  My excitement upon being told this by Rebecca was just the fillip I needed on this first day in the pool.  Rebecca’s enthusiasm was contagious and we were soon swapping stories and incidents that go hand in hand with the training.

Getting side tracked with Rebecca losing ourselves in the world of training I had to remind myself why I was in the pool and she had to get back to work.  Promising to catch up with each other I started my exercises and Rebecca left to get back to work – what a brilliant start to my day, it was so nice talking about all the Ironman toys for the bike and the irresistable gear one needs to do Ironman and all the ups and downs of training.  I set off to walk a few widths of the pool with more than usual enthusiasm combined with some dog paddle to strengthen my weak right shoulder muscles and lastly some aqua jogging – the only time I get to jog!! 

What a fab invigorating day!

I have missed the pool, knowing how much goodness it will do my muscles in a weight free environment… my psychological dilemma of avoiding the chlorine has had to at last be put to the side and my fear worked out later.  I have had a continual fear of any chemical on my skin.  The vulnerability and insecurity I have gone through from surviving cancer has almost ruled my life.  The rule of thumb adherence to a 80/20 ration of good /bad things into our body is slowly being introduced to my life.  However at the moment I am about 90/10 at the moment.  Even though I have now officially been given the ALL CLEAR from my oncologist and need no more check ups, this fear I have will take a very, very long time to dissipate.


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