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11 Amazon Reviews – wow!

I have reached 11 Amazon reader reviews! I have been sitting on 9 for quite a while waiting for the magic number 10 to happen on Amazon.com.  Thanks to Martin in Bournemouth of England writing such a lovely review I have now hit double figures.  I also have a review on Amazon.co.uk by Mike Hickman.  Thanks to everyone for all your support, it would not of been possible without you.  Also your kind words and good wishes for my Mum’s health, your all just all awesome with a capital A !   All my reviews from around the world have all given my book 5 star review which is just so humbling.  And a special thank you to my friends at Tribesports!  Here is Martin and Mike’s reviews:


5.0 out of 5 stars An Unshakeable Belief, September 11, 2012
By Martin S
 This review is from: An Unshakable Belief (Paperback)

Truly inspiring

This book is an essential read for all.

Being a strong believer in `hope over adversity’; the positive attitude of Barbara is incredibly inspiring! Being a keen sport person, I can fully relate to the training and preparation Barbara experiences in readiness to compete in her first Ironman race. Unknown to Barbara, this very race will turn out to be her possible saviour.

Barbara positivity to defeat the pain of extreme arthritis has left me in total awe; an `iron man’ is one of the toughest known races. Despite current obstacles, further revelation identifies more personal issues and misfortune.

This biography takes us through a journey of person’s belief to overcome unfavourable health issues. Barbara’s close knit group of friends and family provide help and support, throughout her difficult and uncertain times.

“Life is for living”! I’m sure that is what Barbara would be rejoicing to us all, in full voice!

Barbara exposes some innermost fearful moments whilst having the necessary but awful corrective cancer treatments. Her motivation and bravery is amazing!

I wish Barbara every success in the future to overcome her health issues and keep achieving her goals; some day soon she will become an `ironman’…….

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational read, 7 May 2012
By Mike Hickman

I read ‘An Unshakable Belief’ whilst on holiday. The frankness and clarity of Barbara’s writing draws you in and makes you feel like you are going through everything with her.

At times I found myself laughing other times I was wincing with the graphic descriptions of the treatment that Barbara was going through.

The underlying fighting spirit and confidence to try something different makes this book an inspirational read.

Barbara’s goal is to cross the finish line at an Ironman race, i am certain that she will, she certainly has the heart & drive to make it.


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