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“I noticed the website tribesports.com by chance when my friend Wilkie “liked” it on Facebook. I figured it could only be about sport so I had a look.”  I was not expecting a lot, but thought if my friend Wilkie was connected it must have some merit so was not worried about joining the site.  I found this site has a community of people who care and share challenges and experiences with all sports imaginable. It is similar to Twitter but better as you get more than 140 letters to type a message to someone! In fact you have limitless space to write a message to anyone on this site.  People on this site also share their fears, their vulnerabilities and triumphs with the most inspirational bios on their profiles.  When you think you have it tough there is someone out there that has it tougher.  I was instantly attracted to this site and once I got over my first few nervous ‘follows’ and the welcoming replys of people I started following, I was hooked.  Not only was the welcoming of people just heart warming, the administrators of this site give you medals for inspiring and motivating people to name just a few which are proudly placed beside your profile photo.

I have a lot to be thankful for joining tribesports.com.  I have made the most amazing friends all around the world whom I regularly chat to via Facebook or my emails, there is Renee F in Scotland, Michael M of Sydney, Martin S in the UK, Rhianydd E in Wales to name a few.  One person named Kevin R grabbed me by my heartstrings when I read his blog.  He has cancer and is a triathlete who has been gifted an entry into the World Ironman Championships in Kona and will race on October 13 2012 – 19 days away.  In his blog he mentioned he did not have a lucky charm to help with getting through some tough days ahead, be it chemo or training for Kona.  I just could not let him not have a lucky charm.  The next day after reading his blog I emailed him and asked if I could have his address to send him a lucky charm – I wanted to send him a kontiki in greenstone but was not able to find one within my budget so chose a Maori bone carving that brings good luck and hope it brings him all the best.

Another amazing story is a friend I have made in Finland and her name is Sussi A and after a few messages to each other finding out that she lives just up the road from Santa Claus’s Office in Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. I mentioned I had visited his office and signed his Christmas book when I was there in 1991.  I was on the way to hospital to see Mum when I cleared my mailbox the other day, there was a large envelope with stamps of Santa post marked Arctic Circle!! With wonderment I opened it to find the most glorious folder opening to a large photo of Santa holding a copy of my book “An Unshakable Belief” in his hands reading it!!

Santa Claus reading my book 12th September 2012, The Arctic Circle, Finland

Santa Claus reading my book 12th September 2012,              The Arctic Circle, Finland

How cool is this! Sussi is on a years travel and coming to New Zealand to visit and I will be meeting her soon.  Just the best surprise in the mail ever when I have been going through some dark days with Mum in hospital and showing a much happier and better Mum 20 minutes later we both couldn’t believe this photo we were looking at with big smiles on our faces.  Since we are on the subject of Santa, here is a badly focused photo of me in 1991 at The Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi outside Santa’s Office below:

1991 Rovaniemi - Auto Tours Trip - me outside Santa's Office

1991 Rovaniemi – Auto Tours Trip – me outside Santa’s Office

The people I meet through Tribesports.com all share a common goal of trying the best they can to stay fit no matter the obstacles they are facing.  The inspiration I get from reading peoples bios keeps me on track – just the other day I read a bio about someone deciding not to be so lazy anymore and I thought the same thing about myself and achieved completing 40 crunches and stretches to alleviate some really knotted up muscles!

Tribesports also run challenges  to everyone – currently they have set up two challenging routines (the first and below photos) which I really wish I could do!! These challenges would definitely get rid of that winter flab and have you looking good this summer on the beach!  I think if you want to join a website with the most caring, sharing, inspirational and motivational group of people, Tribesports.com is it!  Scroll down the left side bar of my blog, click on the Tribesports.com logo and check it out!!


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  1. Hey Barbara,
    I didn’t realize you are on facebook, I will have to look for you! I haven’t done any Tribespports challenges lately though I have been very active in the gym still. Trying to go 4-6 days a week! I just started TRX Training at Goodlife Fitness again for the next four weeks! Hope all is well with you. I will have to get back on Tribesports at some point and restart or scrap old challenges and/or begin new ones. Take care!

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