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No Pain, no Gain

Well my first workout yesterday since August. I have woken up in all sorts of aches and pain with a coffee beside as I type this post – which will be short.  I am typing like an old-fashioned cop with just two digits lol since my fingers hurt a bit in the mornings.  At least it isn’t like an old typewriter which I learnt at school with clunky keys and ribbon smudges.  I bought one at a garage sale to remember them as well as being quite novel. I am also waiting for the Panadol Extra to kick in – the only pain-killer I can tolerate.  I am sitting here deciphering over my coffee which pain is arthritic and which is from my rehab workout.  So I have decided to be sensible for once a declared to myself today is a rest day and see if I can make 1/3 of my bikini.

This string bikini is a challenge I never expected to be so tough! I have unravelled it 5 times now from knitting an inch to 2 inches. I wont accept anything but the best. So it will be interesting how it goes as I have had to rejig the pattern.  Time for another coffee me thinks 🙂


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