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2013 Holiday

Mormon Church, Christmas 2012

Mormon Church, Christmas 2012

It is great we all survived 21st December 2012 and into a brand new year of 2013. I went with my neighbors to their Church to see the spectacular lights that the Mormon Church displays each year.  It was just amazing!

 I sure hope my rehab fitness regime goes well and can tick off some things on my list starting with my persistent wonky ankle and irritating rotator cuff (which apparently is common to arthritic sufferers) which I have to continue to strengthen to fight off arthritis and not let it win. It is a continually daily battle for me. It is just too easy not to use it and suffer the pain which I did for a while that lead to not being able to lift my arm above my head. From the slow and gentle exercises I was advised to do from a very good physio my right rotator cuff is slowly working again.

Next on my list is core muscle strength. Maintaining this is key to my existence along with cardio.

Cuvier Island

Cuvier Island

Spending my Summer holidays with my Brother & his family has been just a gift I will treasure always. Allan took us all out to the Great Mercury Islands as well as out to Cuvier Island which I have always wondered what it looked like. Staring at Cuvier Island over the past 40 odd years, seeing the Lighthouse light shine at night and to finally see it was very special as it is many miles out to sea and has always been unreachable.

Cuvier Island & Lighthouse

Cuvier Island & Lighthouse

This Summer we are at least having more sunny days to enjoy than last year – we sure needed to after the winter we have just gone through.

I am soon volunteering at the 2013 Auckland 70.3 Half Ironman this Saturday and will be most exciting being the first 70.3 Ironman with slots to Kona!


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