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My Book – why & how

My book is a gift to you.  Also for anyone going through cancer and wants to know how I survived.     I was told, on the 11th September 2007  this terrible sentence: “you are chemo resistant, inoperable and it is too wide-spread for radiation”.  To be told there is nothing left in this world to help you get cured of cancer has got to be one of the worst things to realise.  I had no reference books or a magic wand, the internet was just too complicated, I just did my own thing.   Everything I ate and did from the 11th September onwards to help me survive cancer is written in my book.

I wrote my book almost like a personal diary, in fact it actually is.  I have let you into my life for eleven months of what I went through.

I had watched every American Idol and what I had noticed, the judges liked the contestants to show their vulnerability and emotions while singing and telling the story of the song.  While I was writing my book I took the judges comments on board as if I was singing a song, and took their constructive critiques combined to explain my story to you.  Because a story of a song and a story of a book have all the same qualities.  Anger, tears, happiness and sorrow amongst many more emotions.   I let you almost walk in my footsteps on my journey and let you feel like your sitting next to me having a cup of coffee chatting to you.

The cover of my book is a huge ‘thank you’ to the world of triathlon and Ironman.  Which is why I am standing in Lake Taupo wearing a triathlon wetsuit.  Every year on the first Saturday of March Ironman is started at 6.45am in Lake Taupo.  If it were not for Ironman which I fell in love with and followed a dream by training for Ironman in 2006, doing a Half Ironman in December 2006 I would not be here to tell the story.  I would have continued to ignore the lump on my wrist joint believing it was just another arthritic characteristic around joints.  Triathlon saved my life. Thankyou Mr Ironman!

Latest Book Review on Amazon.com

Endurance applied outside of sports – good read for both athletes and non athletes, July 29, 2012

By Lucille T. Ceuvorst (Chicago, Illinois United States)

This review is from: An Unshakable Belief (Kindle Edition)

This is a story of a personal endurance journey to overcome disease. Not only was it brave to battle cancer the way she did, I think Barbara is very brave for sharing the intimate emotional journey that she went through. I am also glad I read the book because it shows an example of how the mental training that accompanies physical training can be applied to other goals in life. Thanks Barbara for sharing your journey with us.


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  1. From what i have read above i am already moved and motivated more then ever. I have always wanted to move from doing marathons to triathlon and ironman, but i didnt think i could do it. But you have light the my internal fire to go out there and conquer it. Thank you for sharing your story.

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