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Queens Birthday Weekend

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Keeping my Right Arm…


A Weekend in Kawhia

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Pain in the neck

2837947-x-ray--neck-inflammation¬†¬†¬† This image I have copied from Google, replicates the area of pain (highlighted in red) where this constant ache/pain is.¬† Arthritis has invaded my neck – of all places to occur this would rate in the top 3 of being invasive to daily existence.¬† Waking up in the morning you usually like to feel pretty good.¬† I wake up feeling like I have a concrete rod in my neck that curls around the base of my skull.¬† To move my head upon wakening it is done with great care at first and then slow repetitive turns to left and right to slowly unlock my muscles.¬† I often wish I had lots of money to wake up every morning at a Day Spa and be pampered for just an hour and then start my quiet day that’s ahead of me.¬† My Lotto ticket failed to achieve this last week lol one day perhaps?
That saying of a ‘pain in the neck’ is very true¬†– it is truly awful to say the least.¬† I went to the docs the other day to try a new pain-killer¬†for some amusement.¬† As predicted it was horrible – I am just intolerant of codeine¬†and every strong painkiller after Panadol. Any painkiller which has¬†some percentage of codeine¬†in it, leaves me feeling like a zombie the next day.¬† I think cisplatin¬†(chemo I had) obliterated any tolerance of the strong painkillers for me.¬† I always need at least 2 injections for fillings at the dentist.¬† However having no sugar in my diet I seem to have avoided any last year which was a first lol Lately I have only needed them to replace old ones. Oh, and an abscess I had 2 years ago (won’t go into that horrific experience).¬† I seem resistant to all painkillers.¬† I end up having to tell myself over and over, “it’s not that bad”.¬† The only small respite I get is taking Panadol Extra for some weird reason, it takes away some of¬†this unbearable pain I have each day .¬†¬† I think I might have to buy another Lotto ticket for that ever illusive Day Spa treat I promised myself back in the days of having chemo! ūüôā

Kurapuki Island

Approaching Kurapuki Island and the cave

Approaching Kurapuki Island and the cave (in the white rock in the middle)

Another magical day. Not a cloud in the sky with scorching sun and blue, blue sea with just a ripple and perfect for a days adventure at Great Mercury Island and surrounding Islands!¬† The joy I have going out on my Brother’s boat is just unreal and feel very lucky to go out boating with his wonderful family.¬† It is a gift I never take for granted.

Lining up to speed through the cave, Kurapuki Island

Lining up to speed through the cave, Kurapuki Island

Today we went to see a hole through a rock at Kurapuki Island, it was just breath taking going through this whole that opens out into a gigantic circle of sea water which once upon a time we think was the centre of the volcano.

Speed through the cave, Kurapuki Island

Speeding through the cave, Kurapuki Island

My photos don’t quite do it justice but it was just amazing!

Inside the volcanic lagoon on the other side of the cave, Kurapuki Island

Inside the volcanic centre on the other side of the cave, Kurapuki Island

The volcanic lagoon, Kurapuki Island

The volcanic centre, Kurapuki Island