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13th November 2007 – The Best News Ever

Well, as you may / may not of known two months ago I had a c.t. scan of my lungs to see if there were any secondary tumors in my lungs. Well, on September the 11th I had a consult with my Oncologist and she said “things do not look great with multiple nodules on my lungs”. As you can imagine my life turned upside down.

News is, I had a c.t. scan last Thursday, visited my Oncologist today to be told no multiple nodules to be found. I have clean lungs ! Well, apart from one nodule at 3mm and one at 5mm and have not changed shape, size or form in the time period that, they would have over the past two months I have been going through hell. If anyone needs an excuse to have a beer and celebrate for me, this is it and do consume as many as you wish !! I will celebrate very soon I think. !

On the way home my friend and I played Queens Song, It’s A Beautiful Day and sang it at the top of our lungs 🙂

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I now can look forward to working on some unfinished business back in Taupo and get across that Ironman finish line perhaps, and perhaps one day hear Mike Reilly say “You. Are. An Ironman!”

The sad news (well it is all good news really l.o.l) is, I have to go and find a job for goodness sake !

On that note, I better go and do some research ! :))

But I want to leave you with this song by Louis Armstrong which encapsulates how I feel about the world right now and from this day on…